WordPress Dashboard Management Plugins You’ll Want to Install Today

When it comes to managing WordPress, the admin area or dashboard is crucial to a variety of tasks. From creating new pages and posts to viewing your analytics and user comments, the dashboard is a vital part of WordPress management. But for all of the things that the WordPress dashboard can do, it can easily become cluttered and difficult to navigate. You may find it hard to find what you’re looking for or do tasks efficiently.

So what to do? Take back your WordPress dashboard management with one of these helpful plugins!

Admin Menu Editor

Admin menu editor lets you reorder your WordPress menu, show or hide specific items, change permissions and much more. The Admin Menu Editor is free, but there’s a pro version that lets you set menu permissions by user role, as well as hide a menu for everyone except for a specific user. It also lets you export your menu and drag items between menu areas so you can organize your menu the way you want it.

One of the things you cannot do with this plugin is delete any of the default menus. If you try to do this, they will restore themselves once you save the menu. This is done purposefully because there are settings and configurations that are necessary for WordPress to function. You can, however, hide the menu or restrict its access permissions to stop showing it in the admin area.

If you make a mistake, you’ll be glad to know that you can reset the menu back to its default status. You must be logged in as an administrator to do this. Editing the menu is every easy and straightforward and it won’t take long before you have your admin menu exactly the way you want it!

Dashboard Widgets Suite

Are you tired of messing with your WordPress dashboard menus to go where you want within WordPress? Try out the Dashboard Widgets Suite. This unique set of widgets can be added right to your WordPress dashboard, making it easy to perform a whole host of tasks including:

  • User notes widget – add, edit or delete notes for any user role
  • Debug log – a must-have for programmers or WordPress developers who are looking to debug any errors that crop up along the way.
  • PHP error log – another handy widget to have to discover PHP server errors.
  • Control panel – control all your WordPress widgets right from the dashboard

Although this plugin is more suited for developers and programmers, it’s nevertheless helpful if you’re working with a developer and trying to troubleshoot the cause of a specific error message or other problem.

Frontend Dashboard

Have you ever wanted to fully customize your WordPress dashboard or admin area? If so, Frontend Dashboard is the plugin for you. Not only can you restrict the WP admin for role-based users as well as add and delete custom roles, but you can also fully customize the design of the admin area itself to make it match with your theme or color scheme.

Personalize anything and everything, including:

  • Custom login page
  • Custom register page
  • Custom forgot password page
  • Custom redirect URL before and after login, as well as registration and logout
  • And much, much more

Create your dashboard the way you want with this intuitive and easy to use plugin that makes customization straightforward and professional!

MainWP WordPress Management

A free, open source, self-hosted WordPress management plugin, MainWP makes it push button simple to manage multiple WordPress sites from one dashboard area. Even if your sites are hosted on different independent hosts and servers, you can connect and control each one independently with this must-have plugin. It’s a particularly powerful tool for affiliate marketers, e-commerce website owners or anyone who has multiple WordPress sites.

With such easy to use features, it can be hard to believe that MainWP is free, however the company makes the bulk of their money selling extensions. These extensions are designed to help build your WordPress network with search engine optimization, backups, maintenance, security and monitoring.

Which WordPress Management Plugin Should I Install?

Each of these WordPress admin management plugins is suited for a different type of users. For example, MainWP is better suited for multiple WordPress site owners, while Frontend Dashboard is better suited for users who want to create a uniform look for their WordPress admin area.

But although these plugins make it easy for you to manage and update your WordPress admin area as well as customize your dashboard and menus, they’re strictly related to WordPress dashboard editing. If you need help editing your WordPress site or making changes, it pays to take a look at WPDandy WordPress management and maintenance services.

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