What Is WordPress Divi and Why Should You Use It?

These days, one can hardly mention WordPress themes and not mention popular theme building systems like Divi for WordPress. The company behind Divi, Elegant Themes, used to be one of many hundreds of WordPress theme repositories, building their own custom themes.

It wasn’t until they decided to add in the capability to do more than just use a custom theme that they realized they were onto something big. Divi itself is a WordPress theme,  but from there, an offshoot project known as the Divi Builder was quietly revolutionizing the way WordPress sites were built.

The Difference Between Divi and Divi Builder

Divi is a WordPress theme like the millions of other themes on the market. Divi Builder is a WordPress plugin that allows users to make changes to their site’s content as well as the theme itself, even if the theme isn’t Divi. The Divi Builder plugin lets you make changes to nearly any WordPress theme, so that even if you have a feature you like coded into your site, you can keep it that way.

How Does WordPress Divi Work?

WordPress’ Divi Builder works through a system of content blocks and modules. Content blocks can be added, removed and edited freely and lets users – even those without design or development experience – to create a virtually unlimited number of layout styles.

Divi Builder Modules are a separate section and are made to help simplify the design process by allowing WordPress users to drag and drop different components of their WordPress website to create the layout and style they want.

Overall, with just a basic overview, Divi Builder is a very intuitive and user friendly system. Once you start using it to create, you’ll wonder how you ever worked without it. There are certainly other WordPress “Builder” systems out there that bolt onto the WordPress administrative area, but all of them tend to follow a similar path in terms of dragging and dropping various elements and then filling those out according to your design goals and vision.

Is WordPress Divi Just for Beginners?

Absolutely not. In fact, WordPress developers and WordPress professionals like using Divi Builder as well because of its contextual settings and ease of editing. One single right click opens up a plethora of options that are designed to speed up workflow while allowing for detailed customization of every aspect of a website’s design and structure.

The true beauty and breadth of the WordPress Divi Builder lies in its content modules. Want to insert a video into your WordPress site? Drag and drop. Want to insert a contact form? Drag and drop. Want to set up shop on your WordPress website and start selling products online? Drag and drop. There are dozens of different content options, and if for some reason your imagined option isn’t available, you can freely customize the CSS within Divi Builder’s Code Module if you have experience with web design or development.

Made a mistake? No problem. Divi Builder comes with unlimited undo and redo options so you can always go back to a prior version if you want. If you’re creating a Divi-based site for someone else, you can lock individual elements so they can’t mess up your hard work.

Why Should I Use WordPress Divi?

When you consider its superior coding, its user-friendly layout and its ease of use, one would be hard pressed not to want to recommend Divi Builder whether you’re a beginner to the world of WordPress, or you’re a seasoned professional. Even if you don’t use the actual Divi theme for your website, as long as you’re happy with your theme, you can use the Divi Builder to simplify making changes to your own site on your own, with greater freedom and precision.

If you’re interested in reading more about these WordPress “Builder” systems, we invite you to take a look at our detailed review on WordPress Divi, Beaver Builder and Elementor. From there, you can read about the pros and cons of each system and how it’s designed to simplify your WordPress workflow.

What if I Need Help with WordPress Divi? (Or Any Other WordPress Theme)

WordPress Divi Builder is designed to be seamless and straightforward, but it’s completely understandable once you install it if you’re looking at your dashboard and wondering, “where do I start?” It can feel a bit overwhelming, especially if you’ve never used a “Builder’ platform before, and you’re accustomed to working with WordPress from within Gutenberg or the prior iteration of the content management system.

Fortunately, that’s why WPDandy is here. Our diligent, professional WordPress developers understand that you have specific goals and a vision for your website and you want to see results without a lot of delving into code or mucking with stuff like spreadsheets and editing.

Why Work with WPDandy?

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