Need WordPress Help? Here’s How to Get WordPress Support

As one of the most popular free content management systems in the world, WordPress is brimming with beautiful themes and designs, innovative new features and much more.

But where do you turn if you need WordPress help? Is there a support number or live chat in case you run into problems?

The answer: Yes and no. 

WordPress Support for Users

The truth is that WordPress comes in two distinctive flavors: and is a hosted version of WordPress that the company itself maintains, similar to, Wix, Squarespace and other website building platforms. 

If you have a account, you can get help for your WordPress website by following the “Support” link in the footer. There’s also live chat support for users if you just have a quick question.

What If I Don’t Have and I’m Using a Self-Hosted Version of WordPress?

This is where things get complicated. is much more “regulated” than your typical self-hosted WordPress installation. With self-hosted WordPress (otherwise known as, you have a great degree of freedom in terms of the themes you use, the add-ons and plugins you install and much more. still provides plenty of that, but it’s more tightly controlled. In this “walled garden” of sorts, technical support can much more accurately pinpoint what to do if you run into a problem. It’s like being lost in your local subway station (there are a limited number of places you can be and places you can end up), versus lost in the entire continent of Australia. 

As such, there are an infinite number of things that could go wrong with self-hosted WordPress sites, and some of them may not even have to do with WordPress itself. There could be hosting issues, security or firewall issues, problems with domain names resolving or server software and a thousand other things. With, all of these issues are non-existent because WordPress itself hosts and helps manage your site. 

Now, with that being said, you’re probably wondering:

Why Do Users Get Support and .org Users Don’t?

In addition to making sure users have a finite number of things that could go wrong, was originally intended for developers, back when blogging was something that more technologically-inclined people did. 

Over the years, WordPress has truly grown and blossomed into a content management system for everyone. However, this freedom also means that the company behind WordPress cannot possibly be able to help everyone with every conceivable issue. Of course, there are WordPress support forums for problems with the software itself, and plugin authors typically have support forums on as well as on their own sites if you need help or run into an issue and need to submit a support ticket.

Each one approaches support in a different way though, so it can be confusing to try to figure out if/when the individual plugin authors will reply to you. Fortunately, the WordPress community is a smart bunch and they can often point you in the direction of where the problem may lie. They won’t fix it for you, though. 

How Do I Get WordPress Help if I’m Hosting WordPress on My Own Site?

There are several avenues you can take, some of which can be very expensive and others which are quite affordable and thorough. Some people choose to hire freelancers through one of the many online work sites where developers bid on projects. 

The problem with this approach is that you really don’t know who you’re getting. It could be a brand new developer who isn’t familiar with the back-end workings of WordPress and can only guess as far as troubleshooting your problem. You’re also putting your site’s security in the hands of a stranger. Not exactly the best way to start out if you’re running into problems and need WordPress help!

Instead, a better option is to give us a call at WPDandy. We have decades of experience working on all aspects of self-hosted websites. From upgrading and updating themes to maintaining plugins to resolving conflicts and problems between WordPress and other third party programs, our WordPress maintenance and management services are among the highest rated and fastest growing choices for people looking for WordPress support and WordPress help. 

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