Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins for a Superior Customer Experience

Does your website act more like a brochure or a billboard than a truly interactive, engaging place? It can seem difficult and time-consuming to add interactivity to your website, especially when there are so many options out there: surveys, forums, social media and so on…

But one of the features you can add which takes virtually no time at all to set up and can help you close more sales in the process is live chat. And if you’re working with WordPress, it has never been easier to download and install a live chat plugin to add a layer of one-on-one interactivity to your site and reach more prospects right as they are deciding whether or not to take action.

How Does Live Chat Work?

As the name implies, live chat in WordPress works in much the same way as it does on other types of websites. A user has a question, clicks the chat button, and an agent (you or one of your employees) responds. All chats are conducted in real-time and live chat often features additional services like collating the chat alongside the user’s support ticket, or allowing the user to email a copy of it to themselves for their records.

With that being said, there are a wide range of live chat plugins for WordPress out there – some free, and some paid. Here are the best ones we’ve found whether you don’t mind spending a little to get a lot, or you’re trying to launch a site on a budget.

Lucky Orange Live Chat

Lucky Orange doesn’t just give you the option to install live chat on your site. This service goes a step further by showing you how users interact with your site. Where is their attention drawn to? You’ll see their clicks and mouse movements just as if you were watching over their shoulder. This is a particularly helpful service if you need to diagnose something with their computer, a software program or a website. But even if you don’t, Lucky Orange still offers many helpful features, including:

  • Form analytics
  • User recordings (anonymous)
  • Heat maps
  • Polls
  • Real-time and historical analytics
  • And much more

You can try Lucky Orange for free, and the WordPress plugin will install your tracking code to your website automatically. The monthly fee for Lucky Orange is just $10, making it a low-cost, feature-rich live chat solution for WordPress.

Tidio Live Chat

Tidio takes a slightly different approach to live chat. Rather than needing you to be available at all times to answer questions, the bulk of Tidio Live chat is handled by their programmable chat bots. You can add common questions and answers to these chatbots to help customers handle support through a friendly, self-service interface.

Of course, you can also click to contact any user that is currently visiting your site. Tidio is available in 183 different languages with 21 pre-translated language packs available, making it great for sites that cater to a global audience. Tidio also has an offline form, so your visitors can leave a message for you, and you can contact them via email.

Tidio works with many common customer service and email marketing platforms as well as CRMs. The most popular integrations include: Zendesk, GetResponse, MailChimp and Salesforce.

WP Live Chat Support

As the most popular live chat plugin for WordPress, WP Live Chat Support lets you have unlimited live chats directly with your users. Customize the box with predefined themes and then change colors to make it look like part of your site. Live chats are sent and received quickly, and you can also have offline messages stored. If you need to access a chat history, you can do that as well.

Change how the chat box behaves, for example, have it appear on all pages on only on pages for registered users. You can also optionally set it to send you desktop notifications when a new live chat message is received.

And the best thing about WP Live Chat Support? It’s free.

REVE  Chat

What makes REVE Chat a unique live chat plugin for WordPress is that it integrates through many of the systems that users are already accustomed to, including Facebook Messenger, Viber, and Mobile apps (both Android and iOS).

With REVE Chat, you can also invite your users to share their screen with you or browse alongside them to try and diagnose problems. The chat  box itself can be customized freely offers a number of enhancements to help you manage  customer expectations and resolve issues quickly.

Overall, REVE Chat is a great option for anyone who’s looking for a simple, easy-to-use Live Chat that doesn’t “reinvent the wheel” in terms of trying to herd people into yet another kind of chat system. Instead, it works with the systems you (and your users) are already using, saving you from huge setup hassles.

Zotabox Live Chat with Facebook Messenger

With over a billion monthly active users, Facebook Messenger is one of the largest chat networks in the world. Zotabox isn’t exactly just a WordPress live chat plugin. Live chat is just one of the features it offers among 20 different sales tools. Zotabox also lets you send push notifications to you users, build contact forms and landing pages, make it easy for users to locate your stores, create promo boxes to announce new sales and more.

Zotabox has different pricing structures depending on the number of visitors you get to your pages. Pricing ranges from $9.99/month to $49.99/month. This live chat/marketing plugin is definitely for those who want to add advanced effects and sales tools to their site without investing in a lot of cumbersome coding or custom programming.

Getting Started with Live Chat in WordPress

Need help installing your live chat plugin or need something custom coded in WordPress? Let the experts at WPDandy help! We can help you get up and running for one affordable monthly fee, making it easy for you to concentrate on growing your site while we handle the updates and maintenance!